SAGE KITCHEN is the product of a constant conversation between four close friends on how to make food better. 

After years of cooking for our community and bringing people together through food, we decided it was time to bring our kitchen to you. We can cater for pretty much any occasion: office meetings, home entertaining, social events, weddings, and more.

To continue our tradition of serving our community, we open up our kitchen at least once a month for our “pop up” on the Bowery, where you can join us as we test out additions to the Sage Kitchen menu.  

All of our food is kosher and dairy-free, with many vegetarian and vegan options.  We also have plenty of allergy-free and gluten-free options available upon request.  We look forward to feeding you!


JASMINE EINALHORI - Chef Jasmine “Jazzie” Einalhori is Chef and Partner of Sage Kitchen. After graduating with a degree in hospitality from New York University, Jazzie cooked her way around Italy, including I Tre Pini a local hotspot located in the outskirts of Florence. When she returned to New York, Jazzie worked at The Fat Radish, a seasonal British restaurant with a veggie-centric menu. Jazzie grew up in Los Angeles, California to an Israeli mother and a Persian father, which meant a childhood full of big meals, bold flavors and passionate food conversations in the kitchen. These cultural influences play an important role in Jazzie's cooking and hints of her heritage can be found all over Sage Kitchen's menu. Email for more information.